here is the bench swing.  she has withstood the test of time, with up to 12 people swinging and swaying on her at once.  it is my favorite swing.  you can just lay on your back, barely in motion, and listen to the cars passing overhead forever, it seems.  here she is alone for the moment.



my favorite tag on this bench reads 'happy everything' in a simple but elegant cursive.  here's another piece of art in progress:


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here is your standard tire swing.  this one was recently removed because of the fear that if someone fell off it, they'd risk tumbling down the berm.  anyhow, we got a picture of it before we took it down and a rainbow came out.



the clouds were moving quickly that day, so i took a bunch of photos to make a stop motion gif with another one of these swings also rotating in the foreground.  here it is (thanks to chocolate):



here's another one that has since been removed:



this was taken on spetember 8th, and the park was installed in the late hours of september 7th.  its been almost 2 months, and even though its starting to get cooler, the swings are still in motion.  its always a pleasure to pass by and see the smiles on people's faces.


there is rumor the park will become permanent, and beintween is looking forward to gifting this to the city!





our latest addition to the pop up park is not a swing, but our version of a loveseat.  its great for couples but i can also picture two perfect strangers sitting closer than we are usually afforded by non-facing benches.  this adaptation of an enormous tire was propelled by three super sized tractor tires ridden from the artery.  



we call it the retired wheelchair.  this was rebuilt by the expert craftsman mr. willie fields.  this was dismantled by someone shortly after its installation last week.  i had a feeling this might happen, but got a shots of elijah and kanard from brewer's hill while it was up. 






the original was a good amount taller, but had some structural issues, despite the addition of steel underneath the wood slats.  this project cost nothing but time, as all the cull lumber was donated for the coopetition and went unused.  this one could have seated (or slept) two facing adults comfortably. 



here we are taking a nap before we cleaned up our mess.


though the wheelchair is simple enough, we had a hell of a time wrestling with its weight.  we were joined by a 4 am patrick.  it was a good really deserves a post of its own (someday), but here's a few triumphant images from sunrise:









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