I wonder if we can use this radio tower to hang 6 large murals.  There could be one at every shift from red to white along the height of this tower.  Each would have to be on some extremely large windy resistant fabric and could be anything so long as there was an a-r-t-e-r-y on each of the six banners.  This radio tower belongs to 95.7 I believe.  It is one of several in the Riverworks Center, but is perfectly located at the Capitol overpass. 


What would it take?  We have the flagpole.  Are there any ideas on the material that might be used to create these flags/pennants?  How would we go about seeking permission?  How might we fly these while minimizing the chance they get snagged on the tower's supporting cables?  Here's a more important question.   What bold soul would be daring enough to install these?  Give me permission, a harness, and a camera. 



We can and should do this, as our transformative effort for the artery deserves a flag pole this tall.  If you are asking yourself why, ask yourself a second question.  Why not?


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Hmmm...the wheels are spinning! Challenging, but feasible!

My ladder is not tall enough

that is hilarious.  jason's ladder was just tall enough at 28' to undo that tarp.  how you put that up by yourself is beyond my imagination.

here's your ladder willie. 


time to buy a jet pack, unless willie already has one

i believe we were promised a few.



must we wait til summer?

what a great marker it would be by night.  maybe those mural flags have solar technology for the a-r-t in the artery to become visible in the night sky on particularly sunny days...


it's the one on the left in this image...and here's your theme song:


I'd climb that


Jeff Haneline said:

time to buy a jet pack, unless willie already has one

San Francisco did it:

Check out the opening evening on the San Francisco Bay:

What would it take to illuminate a single pole in Harambee?

More on Villareal's The Bay Lights


the radio station that owns this tower is Oldies 95.7


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