what is happening to the swings?


beintween is  disappointed with the swings being taken down, just as all of you, who have enjoyed this space for the last 381 days are.

We have heard from you all before on how much you LOVED this space.  we are commemorating this space and what meaning it had to everyone through your  experiences.  Fellow beintween'ers, Milwaukeeans, and Wisconsinites. We need YOUR HELP! 

beintween is encouraging everyone to send us pictures, videos, comments and post them on this blog post here. or upload them to the ARTery Facebook (click for link)  #beintween #bringbacktheswingsmke


A background on the swing park under the Holton Bridge.  Beintween installed these swings , in Sept of last year. 

They were put up by beintween with some supplies donated from the kind hearted people at Home Depot. The tires came from our 'creational trail project the artery aka beerline extension. The swings were the talk of the town, coming to the park was now a place to be, not just pass through. 

The commotion and excitement of the park was so great that we were contacted my the City of Milwaukee. They wanted to inherit the swings, for insurance purposes and for general maintence of the swings. We obliged, since we had high hopes of the swings lasting longer than we could do ourselves (with a limited budget). As the months passed on, swings were beginning to break, one by one, and we came to resurrect them, attached better and newer chains...making them better. As time went by, more swings started to come down, and disappear. We had found out that the City of Milwaukee has been taking down the swings and bringing them to a City owned junk yard. 


Since we do not have ownership of the swings, we need your stories to help voice the return of the swing park. We need to work together to get attention to this park and bring it back to its glory days!


Pop up park from Soul Patch Films on Vimeo.

links to the common council resolution from january 9th, 2013 below:





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Comment by Rob Zdanowski on October 10, 2013 at 12:04pm

michael horne tells the story of the swings and why they left


mary louise schumacher http://www.jsonline.com/blogs/entertainment/226921161.html

"swings are coming back"...they are..but no one knows when.  

this is good news that we have engaged the city and all of you to voice your opinions. its not over yet, we have just stirred the pot. 

Comment by Rob Zdanowski on October 14, 2013 at 9:05pm


KEITH gets an interview on TMJ4 about the swing park. thank you all for your support! without your support and voices this wouldnt have happened. 



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